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Extreme weather has a great influence on the price of seedlings

2018-04-25 15:27:01 CLICKS

In the past two or three years, the domestic seedling seed market has undergone volatile changes, and the import seed market has not been calm. In particular, in the past year of 2011, extreme weather occurred frequently in various parts of the world. Imports of landscaping and afforestation seeds, which are in greater demand in China, have frequently reduced yields and even eliminated harvests, directly driving up the sales prices of imported seeds.

On the whole, the types, prices, and total volumes of imported seeds in China are increasing year by year. As an important domestic seed import company, the annual import volume of China Forest Seed Company accounts for at least half of the national import volume. According to Zhu Weicheng, general manager of the company, the company's seed import volume last year was between 50 tons and 60 tons, an increase of 20% to 30% over the previous year. However, due to extreme weather conditions, some varieties have reduced their output, resulting in a decrease in imports and higher prices.

“The rising price of imported seeds is a common phenomenon. Besides the extreme climate impact, there are also a number of factors such as increased demand.” Zhu Weicheng said that it is only because the import volume is relatively small and it does not feel obvious. However, taking into account the frequent occurrence of extremely severe weather in recent years, the impact on the production of agroforestry seedlings is very large. It is necessary to remind the breeding seedlings of the imported seedlings and to complete the planting plan as comprehensively and comprehensively as possible. Zhang Xueyu also emphasized that many domestic nursery farmers are not sufficiently strong in planning, and it is best to plan well and make reservations before collecting seeds, because seeds are generally collected based on pre-purchase quantities, and the amount of multi-picking is limited. If production is cut because of seed quality and climate, booking in advance can at least ensure that a certain amount of goods are obtained in proportion. The seedlings have a long planting cycle. It is better to formulate an emergency plan for the production plan so that the seeds cannot be affected by the climate and the planting plan will be disrupted to minimize the losses.